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Probate Solicitor No Win No Fee

Probate Solicitor No Win No Fee ensuring you get the maximum inheritance. Going Legal Limited has a genuine No Win No Fee arrangement with probate solicitors, also known as a conditional fee arrangement (Pay nothing if you lose), is an agreement with the solicitor so that you can claim without worrying about upfront legal fees. No win no fee is subject to the solicitor firm agreeing to take on your case. If your claim qualifies, introduce you to an experienced Probate Solicitor to proceed with your case on a genuine No Win, No Fee basis. Contentious Probate? Want To Dispute A Will? Speak To A Solicitor Today Call: 0845 218 0231! Our specialists are available on our 24/7 helpline to discuss with you the probate process.

Why Engage a Probate Solicitor?

If you have been treated unfairly, or have received nothing or less than your rightful inheritance following the death of a relative you may have grounds to claim a Probate Solicitor on a No Win, No Fee basis.

A Probate Solicitor may be engaged to dispute a Will for several reasons. Amongst the most common are that: the Will was not completed in line with current legislation, the deceased did not make a will before they passed away (died intestate), the Will was misplaced or destroyed, fraud occurred during the making of or execution of the Will, the beneficiary didn’t receive their inheritance, the beneficiary was dependent financially upon the deceased, a child of the deceased has minimal or no income or savings, or an unusually high expenditure, the deceased was insufficiently able to complete the Will due to a mental incapacity, one or more of the beneficiaries is not connected to the deceased (e.g. a charity).

Probate Solicitor No Win No Fee Basis. Call: 0845 218 0231

Experience and specialist knowledge are essential to ensuring your claim proceeds to your maximum advantage. To discover whether or not your case warrants further investigation, you should speak with one of our claims specialists who will discuss with you the contested probate process and, if your claim qualifies, introduce you to an experienced Probate Solicitor to proceed with your case on a genuine No Win, No Fee basis.

How Will Your Claim be Funded?

The question of how to fund a claim can be an extremely difficult one. Legal costs are often expensive and, while it can be possible to obtain funding via an insurance policy, typically this is not the case. Additionally, Government assistance or Community Legal Service funding (formerly known as Legal Aid) is rarely available. As a result, a popular method of funding such a claim is known as No Win, No Fee.

What is a No Win, No Fee Arrangement?

The term “No Win, No Fee” appears fairly self-explanatory – A fee is only charged if the claim is successful. That is generally the case, but there can be exceptions and you must understand exactly how the terms of this arrangement will impact you and your inheritance.

We go further than no win, no fee – Provided you don’t lie and cooperate with your Solicitor you will be represented on a genuine No Win, No Cost basis.

What Next?

Time limits apply to bring a claim via a Probate Solicitor, so you should not unnecessarily delay. Speak to us in confidence today by calling our 24hr Claim Helpline on 0845 218 0231, or complete the short enquiry form opposite.


Probate Solicitor no win no fee

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