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How to challenge a will?

If you are satisfied that you have grounds to challenge a Will for a claim and are an eligible person to do so (see above), you may wish to speak to one of our contested probate specialists who will guide you through the process and, should your contesting a will claim warrant further action, introduce you to an experienced probate solicitor who will fight your case on a No-Win, No-Fee basis.

Your probate solicitor will take numerous factors into account while determining the probability of a successful case. These factors are on what a court will base their decision as to your entitlement. Such factors include:

  • The financial position of yourself and other beneficiaries
  • Your relationship with and dependance upon the deceased
  • The deceased’s pre-death obligations to you or any other beneficiary
  • Any disabilities or other special needs you may have
  • For a spouse or civil partner: The length of your marriage or civil partnership, your ages, your responsibility for any children and the likelihood and value of any expected proceeds of a divorce settlement had death not occurred
  • Whether the Will was completed in a valid manor in accordance with prevailing legislation
  • Whether the Will was completed fraudulently
  • Whether the deceased promised that you would be a beneficiary in the Will
  • Whether you were Named in the last will of the deceased as a beneficiary
  • Whether you were Named in any Will completed by the deceased, even if it was not the last Will they completed
  • Whether the deceased gave you money during their lifetime
  • Whether the deceased bought you presents during their lifetime
  • Whether the deceased paid for your lifestyle or upkeep (in part or in full) at some time during their lifetime
  • Whether the deceased left a Will and whether you are a blood relative of the deceased

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